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Redefining Trash 2020!

Been holding onto your dreams of a Mondale presidency and are finally ready to let go? Or, more likely, you may have some signs from our most recent election that you don’t plan to keep. Most of these yard signs end up in a landfill, but there are more environmentally-friendly options. Some towns will recycle the signs and below are a few links to places that will recycle. If you don’t see your town, just do a quick Google search to see if you can find recycling options.

If recycling isn’t an option, don’t forget another R—Reuse!  There are some creative ways to reuse yard signs. I found this site that had some cool suggestions, including making storage boxes and basket liners:

Whether or not you are happy with election outcomes, we can all be happy when we don’t add yard signs to the landfill. Redefining Trash 2020!

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