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Whites, Colors, & Greens: Laundry Alternatives

A post from two years ago suggested a way to reduce plastic consumption by using shampoo bars instead of traditional bottles. Another way to reduce plastic usage can be addressed in the laundry room: replacing plastic laundry jugs with laundry strips (or tablets). We have been using laundry strips now for several years and have been very happy with the results. Our clothes are just as clean as they were using liquid or powdered detergent and we have not seen a noticeable increase in cost.

There are many benefits of moving away from plastic laundry jugs:

  • The detergent comes pre-measured, so you won’t waste any detergent or run the risk of spilling;

  • Traditional laundry detergent jugs are recycled only about 30% of the time and over 700,000 of them are annually dumped into landfills;

  • The packaging for laundry strips is minimal and can easily be recycled or composted;

  • Since the strips are so condensed, very little space is needed to store them; and

  • Because the weight of traditional detergents is so heavy, it costs more to transport and creates more carbon emissions from transport.

Making any change can be challenging, especially when we are accustomed to using a certain product for years or have a favorite brand with which we have an affinity. However, the increasing number of laundry strip and tablet offerings includes a variety of scents and formulas. We tried several brands until we found one we liked best. After that, we were hooked and have never looked back.

In fact, we purchased a year’s supply and it arrived in a small box (smaller than a shoe box). No more running out of detergent, carrying heavy jugs, or needing to find storage space.

Give it a try yourself and see what you think!

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