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Welcome to Redefining Trash: A place designed to share insights on how to more responsibly dispose of almost anything and make taking out the trash a thing of the past.

Not-So-Heavy Metal

Most people are aware that recycling aluminum cans saves almost all of the energy that is required to make cans from scratch (95%)....

Vote Today!

In the Northeast, autumn brings many things to our yards: leaves, pumpkin decor, and election signs. We can compost the first two, but...

The Fabrics of Our Lives

Americans are fashion conscious. Particularly, they like to buy new clothes. There is even a term, “retail therapy,” that is often...

Redefining Trash 2020!

Been holding onto your dreams of a Mondale presidency and are finally ready to let go? Or, more likely, you may have some signs from our...

Earth Day at Home

Today’s Earth Day will rank among the most unusual, not because we are celebrating the 50th anniversary but primarily due to a virus....

Year-end Reflection

As 2019 comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on the first year of this blog and what I learned throughout the year. When I started this...

Let's wrap it up!

As we gear up for the holidays, we can add to the joy of the season (or at least the joy of the earth) by thinking green! As this article...

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