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Yellow Pages

As I was pulling into the driveway this past week, I saw a plastic bag that contained a large book: the Yellow Pages. When it happened a second time a few days later, it made me think: why do we need two, let alone one, Yellow Pages? I do remember the days when I used the Yellow Pages frequently, but it has been quite some time since that was the case.

I had to look no further than the cover of the book to realize I could opt-out of having them sent ever again, just like I decreased junk mail. While I certainly can recycle/compost these books, why should I contribute to having them printed and dropped at my house when I have no need for them anymore?

I went online to the address provided and quickly requested to have Yellow Pages no longer sent to our house going forward. It took just a few minutes to complete the process:

2. Enter your zip code and click “GET STARTED” and then click on the bluish box on the left that says “REGISTER NOW” unless you are already registered – registration is necessary to stop getting the books

3. You will then need to enter your name, email address, phone, delivery address, and the image code

4. Once you have submitted this information, you will get an email with a temporary password and a link where you provide this information

5. After you have entered your email address and temporary password, click on the box on the bottom left (“CLICK HERE TO OPT-OUT OF ORDER DIRECTORIES”)

6. Then click on the “OPT-OUT OF ALL” box on the bottom left and click on the “SAVE CHANGES” box

7. Next, check the two boxes (“Opt me out of all future publications for this address” and “I have read and understand the above disclaimer”) and click “CONFIRM”

For those of you who also don’t find the Yellow Pages useful, follow the above steps to opt-out. Maybe one day the Yellow Pages will go the way of the busy signal and the VHS tape—things our children will never know about!

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