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Trash or Treasure

Trash or Treasure?

The many benefits of decluttering your home are well documented, but one potential downside of cleaning out that overflowing attic/basement/garage/closet is moving now-unwanted items to the landfill by just throwing everything away.

If you decide to clean out your home and you find items that are in good condition, one great option is to “rehome” these items by using services like Freecycle. Some other alternatives are Sharebay, Freegle, trash nothing, and Streetbank.

These sites allow people to offer items they want to give away or help people find things they need. While my focus has so far been in trying to give away items that I hope my neighbors may want or need, Freecycle (and similar sites) are good tools to try to find something used instead of buying new.

I have had success using Freecycle to give away several items, including:

  • Nebulizer

  • Blank CDs/DVDs and cases

  • Tea box

  • Global flash cards from the 1980s!

  • Kitchen drawers

Not only does giving things away keep us from continuing to fill landfills, it’s also incredibly rewarding to rehome useful items to others in your community. The individual who took my nebulizer was extremely grateful. “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” — something you will learn if you try using one of these sites!

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