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Recycling Every Day at Staples!

One barrier to effective waste reduction is recycling items that don’t fall into the easy glass/aluminum/paper categories.

A reader recently alerted me to the free recycling program offered at Staples for tech items and office supplies. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many things they recycle, including two that I have typically paid to send to TerraCycle (writing instruments and tablet/phone cases).

You can access the exhaustive list of recyclable items from this link, but here are the main categories:

  • Batteries

  • Tech (much more than just computers—think cables, headsets, modems, cameras, etc.)

  • Writing Tools

  • Printer and Toner Cartridges

Staples will even reward participants with money back that can be used in the store. I visited my local Staples this week to recycle some pens that were no longer working and was able to speak to an employee to confirm their recycling process.

While Staples does not take all electronics, they accept quite a lot. Unlike most community electronic recycling events that are offered infrequently, Staples is open every day.

It is great that Staples is offering this free recycling program and they take enough items to warrant it being part of anyone’s recycling routine going forward.

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