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From bottle to bar...

I used to buy the largest shampoo bottle possible to reduce my overall plastic consumption (and save a little money). Still, with a family of four, the plastic shampoo bottles add up and some are no longer recyclable.

I had no idea that shampoo was available in bars, like soap. At first, I was a bit skeptical, despite not having all that much hair at this stage of life. Like so many people, I was brand-loyal, used to “my shampoo,” and was not crazy about changing. But after reading some reviews and talking to a salesperson in a store that sold the bars, I was willing to give it a try. It turns out that hikers and campers have used shampoo bars for a while, and there are many different types and brands available. After experimenting with a few, I landed on one that works not just for me, but also my wife who has a lot more hair than I do!

I’m sold on shampoo bars and will never look back. As a bonus, most shampoo bars come in minimal packaging that can easily be composted or recycled.

I encourage you to think about trying a shampoo bar the next time you are low on shampoo. You might be as surprised at how well it works and how this small change can go a long way to reducing waste.


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