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Earth Day at Home

Today’s Earth Day will rank among the most unusual, not because we are celebrating the 50th anniversary but primarily due to a virus.

COVID-19 has created worldwide disruption and turmoil in addition to many unintended impacts to the environment. Some are positive, such as improved air quality due to far less air pollution. Some are negative, as much more single-use plastic bag usage since bringing your own reusable grocery or produce bags is no longer allowed in many grocery stores. 

Shopping in general has become quite stressful, with many companies getting creative with how they can deliver their goods and services. One such company is TerraCycle, a company whose practices I've explored in prior blog posts.

TerraCycle recently created a service called Loop with the intention of reducing single-use plastics and making shopping more convenient. It is likened to the old home milk delivery model, which takes on new meaning these days.

You can subscribe and order products that get delivered to your door in a specially designed tote instead of a box. The items themselves arrive in durable, reusable, or fully recyclable packaging. Once the products are fully consumed, you put the empties back in the tote, schedule a free pick-up, and your new products are automatically replenished. All of the reusable packaging is hygienically cleaned and sanitized after being used.

Interested in having ice cream delivered to your door? They can do that. How about coffee or tea? They can do that too. Here is a sampling of other products you can order:

  • Pasta

  • Condiments

  • Sugar

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Shaving razors/blades

  • Laundry detergent

Loop is currently available mainly in the northeastern part of the United States, but there are plans to expand much more broadly.

On this Earth Day, with the uncertainty and high anxiety everyone is facing, give some thought to taking positive environmental actions. Using a service like Loop is convenient and safe, and a great way to positively impact the environment.

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